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Laminate Flooring INSTALLATION

Trust the experts at Fairmont Flooring with your laminate flooring installation.

Professional Laminate Flooring Installation in Orange County, CA

Before, During, And After Your Laminate Installation

It is best to leave the installation of your new flooring to the professionals. We are the Orange County, CA area's most trusted flooring installers. We will work with you to make sure your floors look beautiful from day one. Learn more about what to expect throughout your installation process.

Before Your Installation:

Before your installation day, you'll need to make arrangements to have your old flooring removed. Make any necessary repairs to your subfloor, including removing debris. Remove all furniture and décor from the room where your new floors will be installed.

During Your Installation:

Make plans to keep all children and pets out of the area where your new flooring will be installed. Be home and available to answer any last minute questions our installation crew may have.

After Your Installation:

You may need to run a fan or open windows to remove any smells associated with the installation. You also may be asked to stay off your floors for a period of time to allow them to settle before replacing furniture or décor. After that, you'll be free to enjoy your new laminate floors!

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